21st Century Education

The HHCA Graduate

The HHCA Graduate

Steven Covey said to be successful we must begin with the end in mind. In light of that advice, we would like to share our vision for what a graduate of HHCA should look like. This vision will guide everything done academically, socially and spiritually on our campus from kindergarten through senior year.

The target HHCA graduate is:
-Able to think critically and with agility
-Articulate and engaging in communication
-Culturally and technologically literate
-Equipped to identify and pursue one's talents
-Able to share one's faith
-A team player and able to collaborate
-Honorable and filled with integrity
-Courageous and willing to take risks
-Spiritually Authentic
-A servant leader who has the ability to impact one's community
-Relentless in the pursuit of excellence
-A life-long learner

Hilton Head Christian Academy

Hilton Head Christian Academy is a Christ-centered College Preparatory School serving grades Kindergarten through 12th.