21st Century Education

Learning Communities

What is a Learning Community

A learning community is a group of people who share common academic goals and attitudes, meeting to collaborate on classwork to pursue excellence. HHCA defines excellence as students fulfilling their potential. The culture of HHCA encourages students to find their place and purpose on our campus and in the world. As students learn and work together, learning communites will be the central piece in empowering students to determine their purpose and reach their potential.

How does a learning community function?

The first thing that you will notice will be the physical design of our new campus. The new campus will be designed to create space for collaborative learning. From seating, to lighting, to designated small group areas, the entire campus will be based around creating effective learning communities. 

Learning communities will allow students and teachers to do more interdisciplinary work. Our communities will let students use time and gifts to develop the full academic picture. Teachers will work with other teachers to create projects and lessons that allow for full development of problem solving and academic skills.

Hilton Head Christian Academy

Hilton Head Christian Academy is a Christ-centered College Preparatory School serving grades Kindergarten through 12th.