21st Century Education

Equipping Teachers

Preparing teachers for the 21st century

Hilton Head Christian Academy has been blessed with an amazing faculty. As a school, we have invested our time and money into helping teachers continue to grow as educators. Alongside the building of our new campus, we are excited to partner with Fielding Nair International to equip our teachers for leading students in the 21st century.

FNI is much more than an architecture firm; it's also a comprehensive educational training program to help teachers thrive in a 21st century classroom. They do this through four steps.

1. Discovery Workshop: They begin with a discovery work shop to establish the values, goals and 21st century readiness of the school.

2. Ecosystem: They then partner with the school to help it define its values and desired outcomes.

3. Pathfinder Project: The next step is finding and executing pathfinder projects. Pathfinder projects create on-campus spaces and learning experiences that begin to move toward 21st century learning models. Brainstormed by teachers and administrators, they give teachers a space and plan to see the effects of the 21st century education in action.

4. Educational Specialists: The final and most important part of FNI's program is access to educational specialists. FNI provides on-campus training throughout the design process and following our move to our new campus.

HHCA is excited to work with Chris Hazleton and Jill Ackers, senior educational planners at FNI. Chris has helped over 40 schools in 13 countries transition into their new facility. Jill also brings a wide skill set within education, as she has served as a teacher, head of school, board member and advisor. Both Chris and Jill have helped launch schools from the ground up, and they will work with our faculty to create and implement curriculum that will take HHCA's excellent academic heritage and help it grow.

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